Chesstar Studios


Airranger is a competitive multiplayer VR game with fierce arrow fighting and fluid movement. Beat all your opponents with sacred bow and arrows in your own way and become the last man standing!

  1. Fluid Movement Move with the arrow! When you shoot out a Hook Arrow you will move tie with it, and you can shoot another one when you are moving! Enjoy the fluency and nausea-free moving experience!
  2. Unique Weapons Short Bow, Scatter Bow, Repeating Bow, Sniper Bow, Composite Bow. Choose your favorite bow and shoot your opponent down!
  3. Powerful Arrowheads Pick up Bomb Arrow and Frozen Arrow scattered in the map, and release their power to beat your opponent down.
  4.  Customized your avatar and weapon Cloth, Hat, Glove, Arrowshaft, Arrowtail, and Tail, change their appearance to make you unique!
  5. Various Interactive Props From airdrop, you can get many precious resource, and from radar, you can get the trace of your opponents.
  6. Various Game Modes
    • Battle Royale(Lone Champion) – Beat nine other players and become the last man standing
    • Battle Royale(Pair) – Pair with another player and beat four other teams.
    • War Mode – Mini map and fast-pace fight, will revive after death, who will be the strongest archer?
    • Bomb Mode – Bomb Arrow only, the key to win is blown your opponent away!
    • Guardian Mode – Guard the energy core and eliminate the invaders, persist and be skillful to achieve higher score.